The business centre PENNY Market  + KIK Letovice in the city of Letovice follow the long list of projects of this type in where the KASPER CZ company realized the roof structures. Many years of experience with huge constructions, quality, design, manufacture and installation along with a short lead time ensure the company a leading position among the manufacturers of wooden structures with gusset plates on the Czech market. It has been confirmed by several independent experts and supplier companies. Maintaining the quality of work in all directions is for our company top priority! The centre covers approximately 2,200 m2 of floor area. Trusses have a basic light span between supports 21.1 m and slope of 210. Area in front of the shop is obscured truss with a width of 2, 6 m. Structure is designed for the secure transmission of all loads from the roof, ceiling, inspection of bridges and HVAC equipment.

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