Our processes are set to the highest level, especially in area of security and effectivity.

The quality management ISO 9001 has been implemented, developed and applied since 1998. This year is was successfully recertified to ISO 9001:2009 for another three-year period.

Quality management

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The quality management is applied with the certified EN 14250:2004 NORM. Running supervision, judging and approving of the system is provided by notified person nr. 1393 - Vyzkumny a vyvojovy ustav drevarsky, Praha, s.p.

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By implementing the environmental management norm EN ISO 14001:2005 into managment system we wanted to achieve the unity of higher standatd of work environment and favouring relation with the environment, the compeny influences. 

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By implementing the environmental management norm OHSAS 18001:2008 into our company we wanted to achieve the unity of high-level work environment with the top machine equipment and preserving the health of our employees.

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